Jim Donnelly spent 44 years in the oil and gas business with management and sales roles representing the leading worldwide pipeline publication. During that time, he and his wife Mary became rare (2800 members worldwide) members of The All Fifty Club in 2016 having visited all U.S. states, eight Canadian Provinces and 60 other countries and possessions on six continents. The business and personal travel was accomplished with nearly 4 million miles on 100 different airlines (most no longer in business) and over 1800 nights in one hotel chain alone!

The ever present camera and allotted time for photography resulted in a comprehensive collection of award winning decorating and accent photos.

We hope you enjoy exploring this wonderful collection and that you and your friends visit our website often.

Our philosophy of the products we offer.

Our specialty is offering you images from around the world. The variety is among the largest of any independent photographer we know.

We do, however, limit the sizes and products we offer in order to keep our rates so affordable. This includes a range of finishes but leaves the matting and framing of photo-paper images to the professionals who specialize in framing as a small variance in the color of a mat or the finish of a frame can diminish your satisfaction of the finished product. The way, you are dealing with experts throughout your decorating experience.

We urge you to watch Sunday newspapers for “specials” from the framing retailers and then to take in color samples of any paint and/or fabric colors you want to match. This will assure your satisfaction.

If you have a special wish for a size we don’t generally offer, let us know your preference by phone or email and we’ll do our best to accommodate you. Similarly, if there is a particular image you are wanting, let us know what it is and we will search our archives for such an image.