Bed & Breakfasts are Special

May 1, 2020

Yep.  We have visited many of them over the years along with castles, lodges and other pre-Airbnb independent accommodations and had a great time doing it.  Notice the word visited.  Past tense.  Rarely do we do it now.  And there are a couple of simple reasons why.  As we got older, we based the first factor in judging an accommodation on sleep quality.  Generally, the mattresses and linens are not quite as good as in the chains.  And all too often, the window coverings are not successful at “covering.” (Worst time and place to experience this is in late June in Alaska).  Then there is the issue of elevators, rarely on of the B & B amenities.  So, if your room is on an upper floor, you will quickly discover that being your own bellman is not fun.  And finally, the bathrooms do not seem to have the conveniences of a purpose built one.

Then there is the flip side.

Boy, do we miss them.  It used to be so much fun to arrive at 4:00 and visit with the owners in the kitchen, glass of cab in hand. You get to know them while they prepare dinner for the guests that evening.  So many have interesting and memorable backgrounds and almost all have a special passion to be an outstanding host and/or hostess.

And dining with the other guests from all over the country or the world, and exchanging stories and experiences is a real treat.  Often the visit extends will into the late night, same cab glass still in hand.

Our advice.  Experience the B & B’s while you are young because you eventually run out of the “stuff” to make the experience as enjoyable as it should be.