Get the Lay of the Land

February 24, 2020
No matter how well you plan a trip there is always a surprise that you did not know about or had not planned to see. That’s why we take a Grayline, Hop-a-Bus or other comprehensive tour first thing, when we visit a new destination. And if we haven’t been to a certain place for a while we do a repeat tour. Things change that quickly There are also new tours, such as the Chicago Architectural boat tour or the Chip and Joanna tour in Waco.

If you have the resources or if your arrival airport is a long way from your destination (big cab fare) we have often arranged with our hotel for a private driver to pick us up at the airport and take us on a private tour on our way to our destination. This is really handy if you arrive early in the day and your room won’t be ready until mid-afternoon and/or you are on a tight schedule with little time to explore. Often the driver will work a good deal with you to take you back to the airport for your departure at a special rate.

This method also beats sitting on a hot tour bus 45 minutes while one of the tourist buys a post card.