Why this website now?

February 2, 2020

Okay.  You’re right.  The internet is filled with soooo many travel websites.  But this one is a little different.

You see, when I started in the oil and gas business 44 years ago, I didn’t have any true passions.  And things were different then.  As I was sent overseas for two weeks at a time and allowed to “call home” from the local Post office on Saturday morning for one weekly family call at a very high price, I needed something to do the rest of the weekend.  The solution was to hop a bus or train and explore.  And take photos.

Eventually, this led to two of three current passions.  Photography.  Travel. Puppies.  This blog will only focus on the first two.

In all of the time since, I have had the opportunity to explore many places.  The gentleman who hired me said, “You’ll have the opportunity to travel to many interesting places with your job.  Do so and enjoy it and always tack on a place you likely would never visit—put it at the end of your trip.”

So as the years passed, there was an accumulation of photographs, travel experiences and visits to some pretty nice places.  Definitely upper middle class please—no hostels or budget hotels  but also no weekends on private islands, though we once experienced that on Georgian Bay, Ontario and it was special.  So, what I hope to do for you is to interest you in more travel and staying at some of the better but affordable places.  And satisfy your interest in the wonderful things this world offers.  The beauty, the mystique and the feeling that what we have available is truly a special gift.

At the end, you’ll make your own decisions but if our short visits can improve your experience even by a percent or two, we’ll feel we did our part.

So please sit back, enjoy and visit often.  No high pressure—just subtle tips on what has kept us so interested and intrigued.